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Point Loma Sportfishing Update for May 16, 2022
Monday at PLSF

Fish Counts - 05-15-2022 

Daily Double • 1/2 Day AM • 19 • 28 Rockfish, 28 Whitefish, 12 Sculpin 

El Capitan • 2 Day • 18 • 8 Bluefin Tuna (up to 201 pounds), 1 Yellowtail, 1 Bonito 

Mission Belle • Full Day • 20 • 3 Yellowtail 

New Lo-An • 2 Day • 23 • 27 Bluefin Tuna (up to 180 pounds) 

Oceanside 95 • 1.5 Day • 29 • 3 Bluefin Tuna, 1 Yellowtail 

Pacific Islander • 2 Day • 24 • 9 Bluefin Tuna (up to 210 pounds) 

T-Bird • 1.5 Day • 25 • 9 Bluefin Tuna (up to 232 pounds) 

 Upcoming trips:

The 2022 schedules for the  El Capitan, New Lo-An, Oceanside 95, Pacific Islander & T-Bird are now available online. Reservations can be made by calling our office at (619) 223-1627 or online through the following links:

El Capitan (Schedule)
New Lo-An (Schedule)
Oceanside 95 (Schedule)
Pacific Islander (Schedule)
T-Bird (Schedule)

The Mission Belle is now running full-day trips offshore. Departure time is 6:00 AM. No passport  is required. The cost is $240.00 and includes your Mexican fishing permit. (BOOK NOW)

½ day trips aboard the Daily Double have been returning with an assortment of bottom grabbers and a few bass mixed in. The departure time is 8:30 am. Call our office at (619) 223-1627 to reserve your spot or book online (BOOK NOW)

The Pacific Islander and T-Bird are two of the boats competing in this year’s Western Outdoor News San Diego Offshore Jackpot. All participants receive a Frogg Toggs Drawstring Backpack, a spool of Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon, a pack of Gamakatsu Hooks, plus other tackle hook-ups from Daiwa and chance prizes. Jackpot buy-in included a chance to win $$$. The departure date is June 23rd at 8:00 pm. Space is limited, so don't wait too long to sign up.....

Reservations can be made by calling our office at (619) 223-1627
QUICK LINKS (booking/directions/etc.)

If you would like to make a reservation for any of the trips listed above please call our ticket office at (619) 223-1627 or online with our schedule feature.

Point Loma World Famous Sportfishing

Independence Report, May 16, 2022
Author Indy Crew

Fishing Conditions - Trip 22-7 Graftech Avet Jackpot

1 Mark Vellekamp 161
2 Tony Vultaggio 116
3 Brian Mohr 85

Pacific Islander Report, May 15, 2022
Author Rick Russell (San Diego)

Fishing Conditions - Tough Fishing But Quality was Excellent

Tough fishing on our 1.75 day trip that returned this morning but the quality was excellent.
23 passengers
9 bluefin 95-210#
If you are coming out with us please make sure you guys have the proper tackle.
25-30# flyline rig
80# sinker rig
100# knife jig rig

Intrepid Report, May 15, 2022
Author Bill Cavanaugh

Fishing Conditions - Channel Islands Fishing Club 3 Day

Hi Gang,

We arrived home this morning from our annual Channel Islands Fishing Club 3 day trip. The fishing was less than stellar this trip and most of the fish we stopped on did not bite for us. Bluefin being bluefin. We experienced a similar scenario during the last full moon. Our weather was nice most of the trip and we enjoyed fishing with everyone. Our jackpot winners for the trip are as follows: third place went to Matt Gyger with a 153.1 pound bluefin, second place went to Wade Wells with a 163.5 pound bluefin, and first place goes to Ben Pirih with a 168.0 pound bluefin. Strong work men! Thank you to everyone that fished with us. We are out on another 3 day trip today. Thanks for checking in, Captain Bill Cavanaugh and the Intrepid Team

Trips Schedule
Please Note: There is a service charge of 3.50% required for all reservations.
May, 2022
trip active Trip Info
Point Loma
AM Half Day
Sat. 5-21-2022
8:30 AM
Sat. 5-21-2022
2:30 PM
6 hr trip to the local kelp beds and other hot spots. California fishing license and rod rental are additional. Both are available in our tackle shop. A full galley is available on board the boat. Please do not bring coolers or ice chests.
June, 2022
trip active Trip Info
Point Loma
AM Half Day Charter
Wed. 6-22-2022
8:30 AM
Wed. 6-22-2022
2:30 PM
August, 2022
trip active Trip Info
Point Loma
AM Half Day Charter
Sat. 8-13-2022
8:30 AM
Sat. 8-13-2022
2:30 PM
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